For The Office

Address the Horse

In The Room

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Colors Made My Day, Portrait on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

You Need Some

Hollywood Glamour

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Repertoire of Resilence

"Under the Yellow Sun"

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Flora Dora, Acrylic Painting on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

Grow A Garden

On Your Wall

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Make it a Wonderful Day


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Find Your Aesthetic

Add A Splash of Color

To The Workspace

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A Bold Look

To Inspire

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We're Swooning

Alternate Reality

"Abandoned Room"

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Flowers that Never Die

"A Bunch of Love"

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Bring the Office to Life

Complete the Aesthetic

"Blue Onesie"

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The Golden Age

Picture Perfect Pair Queen Baeleit Art

Picture Perfect

Grace your walls

Add to the Collection

A Soft Touch

"First Sunlight"

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A Soft Touch

The Forgotten, Original Oil Painting on Paper Queen Baeleit Art

"The Forgotten"

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It's A Match

Pop Star

Feminine Portrait Gallery Queen Baeleit Art

Stimulate the Space

"Feminine Pair"

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Pop Star

Fierce & Feminine


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The Beauty Within Self-Doubt 1, Original Mixed Media Abstract Painting Queen Baeleit Art

Scenery of Solitude

"The Beauty Within Self-Doubt 1"

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Broken, Portrait of Woman on Paper Queen Baeleit Art

A Classy Contrast

With Black & White

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