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Say Goodbye To

Decor Dilemmas

Drippity Doo Daah, Acrylic Painting on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

And Hello to Spring Sophistication

With "Drippity Doo Daah"

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Add Some Personality

Change The Perspective

Anchor the Room

With "Albino Tiger"

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Complete The Aesthetic

With A Stunning Backdrop

Soft and Breezy

"Summer Haze"

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Full of Potential

Create A Focal Point

Morning Words, Mixed Media on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

Revived & Refined

With "Morning Words"

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The Right Painting

Will Instantly Set The Mood

Abandoned Room, Acrylic on Wood Queen Baeleit Art

Tie The Elements Together

With "Abandoned Room"

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Starman, Ink & Acrylic Painting on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

Perfect for Any Fan's Wall


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Start Saving!

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Tempest in a Teapot, Original Painting on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

"Tempest in a Teapot"

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Always in Style

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Morning Words, Mixed Media on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

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We absolutely love

Just a quick note to say thanks again. Your team was awesome and it was honestly one of the best experiences that we've had buying artwork. My husband said that he doesn't want to buy from a store gallery ever again. :). We'll be back in touch when we're ready to add to our collection!

Brook and Dale J. | NJ

Looks stunning

I wanted to let you know that we just hung our new John Ruby piece and it looks stunning. I keep looking at it from every angle and it's amazing how it literally changes the feel of the whole apartment!  

Michael T. | NY

Love it so much

Last night we hung our new beauty and couldn't stop staring and grinning. Love it so much! We can’t wait to show it off this weekend at our housewarming party. Trust me, expect to get calls from our friends! Do you offer a referral fee? lol

Trace K. | NV

An Original

You guys made everything easy and our entire team loves the newest addition to our office. I mean, why buy cheap generic prints when you can get an original and look at something beautiful everyday, right? Fyi- I gave our office manager your number so expect a call when we open our new space in the summer.    

Mica K. | CA

Art Goddess

Queen B is the Art Goddess. Her works will change not just your walls but your rooms, house, mood, outlook-everything! 

John S. | OH

Amazing soulful inspiration

Thanks for the follow up. It's rare to get such personal service anymore and you've been great to work with at every step. The piece looks even better than I imagined and feels like it has always belonged in our home. Thanks again Queen!

Kelly R. | AZ

Thank You QB

So nice to hear from you Baeleit again. Yes, it's spectacular! The energetic bursts of colors have been so uplifting and given me a renewed perspective. Truly your company is a lost art, no pun intended 😊, that reinforces that there’s beauty and goodness if you look for it. Thank you and QB. Much love!

Randa L. | IL 

Mission accomplished

I don’t usually write thank you notes but you actually deserve it. Not only do we love our new abstract but your whole process was super great and I could tell it was important to your team that we have a 5 star experience. Mission accomplished! Well done and all the best.

Will Y. | PA

All the blessings

Hi Queen, my husband wanted me to tell you how much he loves our newest artwork! He’s usually  skeptical that things will look as good as advertised but he actually likes it more now that it’s in his office! He says it’s the first thing people notice when they walk in and like a conversation centerpiece. Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with. All the blessings.

Rena B. | WA

We just LOVE

We just LOVE our new piece! It’s like part of the family!!! Thank you
sooo much! ❤️❤️❤️

Carey W. | FL

Great Baeleit

Thanks for the follow up. You’ve been great Baeleit and we appreciate how easy you made the whole shipping experience. We’ll definitely be back for more!

Jalen O. | IA

So happy

There's nothing better than buying something you love and having it be a great experience. So happy that I found you!

Brianna L. |  CT 

5 stars

Everything was great- 5 stars for the art, service and delivery. I can see why people love working with your company.

Richard M. | CA

Easy process

Your process was easy and especially liked the follow up and extra information about the artist. I'm hoping to build an entire collection of her work!

Jenna G. | WI


You and your artist's work are incredible! I can’t wait to get my next piece!

Jeff Z. | CO

Amazing and wonderful!

I just got it and it's Amazing and Wonderful! I'm so happy and can't wait to hang it with my partner tonight. Will send you pics. Thank you Baeleit and please tell Paul how much I love it.

Anna K. | GA

Love at first sight

I knew I was going to love it but it's even better now that I get to see it everyday! Thanks for helping me bring new beauty into my world. You're the best!

Mia A. | MN

Best purchase

I gave you 5 stars for every category because it truly was one of the best purchases that we've made in a long time. Love our new artwork and your service was 100% top notch.

Dana and Rob M. | TX 

Thank the heavens

I just got to say- thank the heavens for art and QueenBaeleit!! I'm so glad we connected and the whole family adores our new masterpiece.

Angela R. | KY

Will be back

Across the board it was a 5 star experience. Will be back for our next one hopefully soon.

Jeff W. | CA


The BEST! No one is more qualified than Queen Baeleit to share the immersive and captivating world of art.

Nathaniel T. | NY

Simply spectacular!

Simply spectacular! Such an amazing art gallery. I’ve seen great collections in my years but yours is pure joy and elevates the soul. Exquisite, my dear.

Cheryl B. | NM

Great service

It's hard to find great service these days but you guys certainly delivered! I'd recommend your company to anyone looking for quality original artwork.

Chris G. | NJ

So much better

I’m so thrilled I FOUND you! This was So much better than buying from those over-priced pretentious art houses! Thanks again and keep up the great work. Art can change the world!

Kellyn T. | ID


We love our new masterpiece! Thank you very much Queenbaeleit.

Don E. | NC


WOW!! I am in complete AWE of my new work of art! It truly strikes such a chord in me every time I see it. I just love it so much and can't thank you enough!

Heather S. | OK


We hung David's work today and it's extraordinary. Now our house is complete. More people need to know about the works that QB offers. Bravo.

Sean I. | NY

QueenBaeleit savings

You asked how we like our new piece now that it's on the wall and I can tell you that it looks completely amazing. Could not be happier! In fact I just started a QueenBaeleit savings fund haha!

Amir J. | VA

More beautiful

Not only did my painting arrive ahead of schedule but it's even bigger and more beautiful than I even dreamed. Thank you for all of your help making this happen.

Tamiko R. | MI

Thank you Queen!

Thank you Queen! I just love my beautiful new addition! I can’t stop staring at her beauty. Best purchase I’ve made in years!! Thank you thank you with love.

Joyce P. | TN

Thanks Queen

Thanks Queen- we love it! Honestly, it looks even better in our room. You know the one I want next for my office so we’ll be in touch. Take care and talk soon. Cheers!

Ray H. | IN

Thanks for everything

You were right, it looks even better framed! My girlfriend literally almost fell over when she saw it. She loves it and says it’s the best thing I own. (Had I known, I would have called you sooner!!!)  Again, you’ve been great and thanks for everything.

Cade R. | FL

Heartfelt thanks

On top of a 5 star rating I also want to give my heartfelt thanks for the excellent service. You made everything clear and easy. It really has been a delight working with QueenBaeleit.

Thomas F. | DE