Ansen Seale

Fourth of July 2, Fine Art Photography Queen Baeleit Art

"Forth of July"

Ansen Seale

Portrait of Wind, Fine Art Photography Queen Baeleit Art

"Portrait of Wind - Creek"

Ansen Seale: Fine Art Photography
Step into the breathtakingly innovative world of Ansen Seale, a visionary fine art photographer transforming the realm of slitscan photography. ...

This technique is not just a visual curiosity; it's a profound tool for exploring themes meaningful to Seale, such as time and our position within its vast continuum. In fact, over the last decade, Seale’s pursuit of slitscan photography has revolutionized the artform itself.

Instead of mirroring the world as we know it, Seale's camera illuminates a hidden reality, much like microscopes and telescopes expand our understanding of the universe.

Crucially, Seale's images are not manipulated; they genuinely represent how his camera perceives the world. Rather than freezing a single moment, his photography examines the passage of time. To achieve this, Seale invented a modern digital version of the panoramic camera. This technique ingeniously blurs stationary objects while rendering moving figures with astonishing clarity. Take his Water series, where river stones appear as static stripes altered only by the flowing water around them. This isn't trickery; it's pure, unadulterated photography where abstraction is the standard. Transforming the mundane into magical, Seale’s work teases out the extraordinary lurking beneath the ordinary, replacing the horizontal dimension with the fourth dimension—time—as he evokes the dynamic tension akin to cubist painters.

This is photography in the purist sense, but a form of photography where abstraction is the norm, not the exception. When the real world is this beautifully bizarre, manipulation is unnecessary.

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