Daniel Jefferson

"New Boot Goofin"

Daniel Jefferson

Persecutory Delusions, Original Painting on Canvas Queen Baeleit Art

"Persecutory Delusions"

Daniel Jefferson: Multi-Identity Artist
Daniel Jefferson (b. 1977) grew up in North St. Louis County in the cities of Normandy and Hazelwood. By the age of 3, he was drawing and painting alongside his father Melvin Jefferson and together they shared studios and collaborations into his mid-20s. ...

Expounding on his family history, Jefferson’s art is informed by his multiracial identity and upbringing. He expresses “not always fitting in,” - being neither “this nor that” - and residing on the margins between the social constructs of race. He cautions us to see that, while the subject matter of his work is not always a direct depiction of his experience of race, his existence as a person of color propels him and bears directly on his artistic focus, choice of materials, and gesture in each work. Anger and sadness are part of it – also love, joy, pride and humility. Jefferson often signs his work with a mark inspired by the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horas – a symbol of power, protection, and health.

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