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More Is More: How To Crowd Your Space With Collectibles In Style

by Baeleit on Jul 31, 2023

Hot To Crowd Your Space With Collectibles In Style

Understanding The Maximalist Approach In Design

They say that one is the loneliest number. So true with collecting and showcasing your artwork.
Like relationships, art loves and thrives with company. With a maximalist approach to design, you are not confined to express your identity or vision with a singular theme or style. ¬†Maximalism is the ‚Äúcombo plate‚ÄĚ of living deliciously and a true celebration of multiple patterns, colors, texture and objects, all in one place!
This 'More-is-More' philosophy gives you the creative freedom to blend art pieces from various genres and styles. It's¬†like a grand symphony of creativity, in which boldness and abundance reign supreme. What used to be considered as ‚Äúclashing‚ÄĚ or contrasting, is now viewed as cohesively constructive and modern.
‚ÄúIt‚Äôs really all about your personal point of view,‚ÄĚ interior designer Kelly Wearstler explains. ‚ÄúThere was a time when people wanted to go one way or another because it was the trend. But for years now, it‚Äôs really come down to how an individual wants to feel in their home.‚ÄĚ
So don't be afraid to experiment, and feel free to mix and match, from urban to classic and geometric to abstract, it’s time to turn your home into your unique art gallery that reflects your personality and style. 

1. Balancing Act: Size and Placement

When crowding your space with collectible art, maintaining a sense of balance is key. Mix and match various sizes of artworks, ensuring larger pieces act as focal points, while smaller ones enhance the overall composition. Use a good mix of horizontal and vertical pieces to keep your wall feeling interesting. If you're worried about your wall getting too chaotic, start with 3 frame styles to see how you feel. Add one or more round pieces to give your eyes a visual break and try to keep the space between all your pieces around 3 inches apart. That way things don't get crowded. 

2. Color Coordination for Harmonious Display

Original Abstract Paintings Set of Two
When in doubt, turn to the color wheel. Color plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious display of collectibles. Even design pros follow this rule! You can opt for complementary or analogous color schemes, such as one of our favorites - Blue, Green and Blue-Green, which are pictured next to each other on the color wheel. This will ensure that your art pieces blend seamlessly while still standing out individually. 

3. Thematic Grouping: Tell a Story

Creating thematic groups within your maximalist collection can add layers of storytelling to your space. Group artworks by a common subject, style, or era to evoke a cohesive narrative that captivates your guests' imagination. Maximize your space by showcasing your collectibles vertically¬†and try using colors that all have the same level of intensity‚ÄĒfor example: all jewel tones!¬†¬†

4. Gallery Walls: Organized Chaos

Gallery walls are perfect for maximalist spaces, where organized chaos reigns supreme. Create an eclectic display by mixing various frames, sizes, and styles to achieve an artful collage that makes a striking impact. Gallery wrapped canvas can be hung side-by-side with ornate framed art or sleek framed photos for a lavish layering! Stacked shelving, keepsakes from your travels, and precious family heirlooms make an added impact! To anchor your gallery wall, start with a larger piece in the center and then build around it. 

5. Layered Display: Depth and Dimension

Use mirrors, sculptural elements, plant filled ledges, and shadow-boxed prints to create a layered display that adds depth and dimension to your collectibles. Transform a blank staircase wall into a statement-maker. This layout creates a dramatic, eye-catching effect with the framed art following the angle of the stairs. Don't forget to mix in some vintage or newly found treasures for an unexpected twist! The ledge shelf gallery wall is another creative way to display your favorite art pieces. This approach not only maximizes your space but also allows you to easily rotate and highlight different pieces over time. 

6. Affordable ways to display your art

Affordable display options abound! Use your fireplace mantle to display beautiful prints or layer a pair of framed paperworks on your dresser. An easel makes a lovely display for a favorite piece, or mix colorful, framed art with your favorite books! Don't forget about vintage plate holders, music stands and cookbook stands for added charm. Any of these budget-friendly solutions add an artistic touch while keeping your wallet happy.

Eight Great Collections

With these artful insights and a dash of maximalist flair, you're now ready to transform your space into a mesmerizing gallery of curated collectible art. Below are an eclectic mix of artists whose work redefine artistic expression and will add beauty and depth to your collection. From African and Female inspired to Abstract and Urban, these collectible pieces are sure to inspire and become cherished centerpieces in your home.

Classic Meets Cutting Edge

Queen Baeleit Investable Female Art
Kharis Kennedy's art is like a time warp, skillfully blending classical style elements with cutting-edge flair. With a dash of nostalgia and a pinch of satire, her pieces are not just collectible art but also investable treasures. Her masterpieces breathe life into spaces, captivating your imagination and creating a mesmerizing ambiance. If you're looking for a timeless investment piece that transcends trends, check out her captivating artwork here and bring a touch of sophistication to your collection.

Lyrical Abstracts Add Contemporary Glamour

Lyrical Abstract Painting for Sale
For those seeking the pinnacle of contemporary glamor, Juergen Paudert's lyrical abstracts are the epitome of chic. His art dances with colors and emotions, offering a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and artistic prowess. Let the allure of his artwork transform your space into a sophisticated gallery. Discover Juergen's enchanting abstracts here.

Urban, Pop, and Classical Style Female Portraits

Urban Style Female Artwork - Original Painting
Unleash the power of femininity in your living space with Lucia Schautz's captivating female portraits. A fusion of urban, pop, and classical style paintings, Lucia's artwork celebrates the essence of womanhood. Allow her enchanting muses to grace your walls and feel the pulse of urban chic combined with timeless elegance. Explore Lucia's vibrant portfolio here. 

Distinctive and Museum-Worthy Equine and Human Portraits

David Noalia Equine Artist
Capture the grace and majesty of equine beauty with David Noalia's extraordinary equine portraits. With great style, Noalia captures the artistic inspiration of horses, and human faces with passion, color and elegance - evoking emotions that transcend time. A true masterpiece, David's art is deserving of museum walls, but why not make your home a gallery instead? Experience the allure of David's equine and human portraits here.

Revealing Female Forms in Spectacular Depth of Color

Queen Baeleit Feminist Artwork for Sale
Anahita Amouzagar's art delves into the mesmerizing depths of color, unveiling a subconscious narrative which combines the beauty and vulnerability of female figures within their natural environment. Her work is an ode to womanhood, radiating strength and grace in every stroke. Adding her pieces to your collection can inject a splash of drama and emotion, creating a captivating visual feast. Infuse your space with the depth of her art and celebrate the vivid tapestry of femininity. Discover Anahita's spellbinding artwork here.

Contemporary Still Life Paintings

Still Life Botanical Paintings on  Paper
It’s well known that flowers elevate the spirit and bring a sense of optimism to life. Now you can enjoy these bright and beautiful arrangements year-round! Infused with peacock pinks, Caribbean sea blues, and Tuscan ray yellows, these vibrant and densely layered scenes are a radiant and comforting anecdote to the modern mayhem. Whether you’re looking for the home or office, these pastel and acrylic works on paper shine together in pairs or as part of a collection. Discover Carlson's lively collection here.

Powerful Female Portraits Revealing the Human Condition

Queen Baeleit Original Female Artwork for Sale
Shiva Jlayer's art weaves a powerful narrative, unveiling the raw emotions that define the human condition. Her female portraits are more than just art; they are a reflection of the human soul. Let her art spark conversations and infuse your space with the essence of profound humanity. Dive into Shiva Jlayer's evocative portfolio here.

Authentic African Art

Original African Artwork for Sale at Queen Baeleit Art
For those seeking to embrace the rich tapestry of Africa, Idowu Damilola's original art on paper is a must-have. Working through his subconscious, Damilola's complex narratives are explored through animals, human figures and the everchanging landscape of his homeland. Infuse your space with the soul of Africa and pay homage to its beauty and diversity! Discover the richness of African culture with Idowu Damilola's art here.

Cutting Edge Abstracts

Lavender Sunset Abstract Painting on Canvas
Add a splash of exuberance to your walls! Often compared to the famed Joan Mitchell, Sandy's lively creations pop with provocative color and flirtatious style. "Summer is my mirror and fashion is my muse" explains Sandy. Her art bursts with vibrant palettes and unrivaled energy, leaving an everlasting impact on the viewer. Explore Sandy Welch's energetic artwork here.

Geometric Compositions of Space and Time 

Original Geometric Painting for Sale
Get ready to embark on a stunning composition through space and time. Caught between two realities, Igor Taritas's geometric interiors feel both alive and disintegrated. Gorgeous, soft light dances with looming dark shadows as the viewer is lured to spectacular natural surroundings. Stay long enough, and the mysteries will begin to unravel like space itself. Experience the symphony of geometry and multidimensionality in your space and let your imagination soar. Delve into Igor Taritas's mesmerizing art here.

Watercolor Portraits You Can Afford

Watercolor Fine Art Portrait
Martha Zmpounou's watercolor portraits, with their turbulent, emotional, and fragmented figures, offer an affordable investment opportunity for art enthusiasts. Exploiting the delicate subsurface of the depicted figure, these museum-quality portraits transmit powerful emotions, seemingly caught frozen in time. Don't miss the opportunity to add Zmpounou’s artwork to your collection. Discover Martha Zmpounou's captivating watercolor portraits here.
Now that you're acquainted with this talented lineup of artists, it's time to unleash your creativity and adorn your space with exquisite collectible art. Remember, creativity knows no bounds, so mix, match, and blend these artistic masterpieces to create a symphony of style in your space. Whether you opt for the performative presentations of Kharis Kennedy, the lyrical allure of Juergen Paudert or the captivating power of Shiva Jlayer's feminine portraits, each piece will bring a touch of magic into your life.
Remember, true style is about how you live and the stories you tell through your unique collection. Happy decorating my friends!¬†ūüé®ūüŹ†‚ú®


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